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About Us

Representamos a prestigiosas firmas internacionales en la industria del plastico en los mercados de especialidades quimicas, distribuyendo a nuestros clientes de los sectores de transformacion y manufactura, productos y soluciones de alta calidad y valor agregado. Siempre proporcionando las mejores soluciones tecnicas y herramientas del sectoru


Our Story

Founded in 1997 with the purpose of representing prestigious chemical companies at an international level, with the main objective of being recognized for the quality of service as a supplier of chemical specialties for the PVC industry and components for the construction of electrical cables.

Today we have the necessary infrastructure and logistics to deliver packaged and bulk products, as well as complete shipments for direct deliveries to the plant and/or port.

Código Aurum.



We respect the rules and procedures, as well as the collaborators of the organization, accepting and recognizing that we all make equally important contributions.



We act with integrity in the performance of our duties and persevere in meeting our objectives.


Always Improving

We work in harmony and with enthusiasm to respond to the needs of our clients and collaborators in a timely manner, making proper use of resources.

Our Vision

We are leaders in the search for recurring positive behaviors that help us fulfill the company's mission.

Quality Control

At Aurum we seek constant innovation in each of the products and services we offer; To achieve this, we are backed by leading companies worldwide in the specialty chemical markets.

Aurum Vision.

To be a leading company in the market for the distribution of specialized chemical products, providing expert attention in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and keep them at the forefront, providing them with advanced technology products with the best price, quality and benefit ratio.

Always Ready

We Want To Grow Together.

We create in our clients technological advantages that make them highly competitive.