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Aurum Technology Center

In 2012, Aurum Chemicals Group inaugurated Aurum Technology and Research Center, a Technology Research and Innovation Center where many of the plastic transformation industry´s processes are reproduced, optimizing time and additive´s use, generating efficiency in the process.


We support our clients in order to validate and develop world class alternatives that will offer a technical – economical benefit without leaving on the side quality standards compliance required in their process and by the final user.


Considering everyday´s plastic industry different challenges, in Aurum Technology and Research Center we have human capital highly experienced in plastic transformation processes, analysis, evaluation and characterization of raw materials and finished goods.


Our Research Center has cutting edge equipment, unique in the region; this allows us to be a step ahead in order to offer trustworthy and accurate results.


Physical and Mechanical Testing

  • + Accelerated Aging (QUV)

  • + Ashes content

  • + Charpy Impact

  • + Color analysis

  • + Deflection Temperature Under Flexural Load (HDT)

  • + Density determination by Liquid Immersion

  • + Elasticity Modulus

  • + Elongation Modulus

  • + Forced Circulated and Non-circulated Hot Air Aging

  • + Izod Impact

  • + Materials extrusion in single screw and double conical screw extruders

  • + Melt Flow Index (MFI)

  • + Moisture content

  • + Oil Aging

  • + Particle size

  • + Plaque and Probes Pressing according to International Norms and Standards

  • + Shore A / Shore D Hardness

  • + Softening Point Temperature (VICAT)

  • + Solubility

  • + Tension Strength

  • + Two Roll Mill

  • + Volatiles percentage

  • + Water Absorption percentage

Chemical Analysis

  • + Limited Oxygen Index (LOI)

  • + Smoke Density by light transmittance

Analytical and Special Test

  • + Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

  • + Materials extrusion in single screw and double conical screw extruders

  • + Melting Point Temperature

  • + Potentiometric Thermal Stability

  • + Raman Spectrophotometry

  • + Rheology

  • + Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

  • + Volume and Surface Resistivity

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