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About Us


Aurum Chemicals® was founded on 1997 in order to represent prestigious chemical enterprises in an international level, with the main objective of being recognized by the quality in the service as supplier of chemical specialties for the PVC industry and components for electric cables assembling.


We have the infrastructure and logistics that allow us to deliver packaged and bulk products, as well as complete shipments for direct deliveries at the plant and/or import ports.


In 2012, we expanded our services and inaugurated the Aurum Technology and Research Center, a space for innovation and development where many of our customer’s processes are reproduced at laboratory level; optimizing time and the use of additives, generating efficiency in the use of resources.


+ We respect the policies and procedures, as well as to all our collaborators within the organization, accepting and acknowledging that we all provide important contributions.

+ We are punctual in our tasks and comply in a timely manner with all the commitments that we assume, respecting the time of our colleagues.

+ We work with harmony and enthusiasm to respond to all our customers´ and collaborator´s needs in time and manner, making a proper use of all resources available.

+ We act with integrity in the development of our functions and persevering in the fulfillment of our objectives.

+ We do things right at the first try, seeking for a constant growth and personal improvement.

+ We act with initiative in total freedom and respect, assuming with responsibility the results of our acts or omissions.

+ We are leaders on the search for positive and recurring behaviours that allow us achieve our company´s mission.


In Aurum we seek constant innovation in each of the products and services we offer, to achieve the above we are backed up by worldwide leading companies in the chemical specialty markets.


Be the leading company in the specialized chemical product distribution, delivering expert attention in order to satisfy all the needs of our clients, as well as keeping advantage by granting them high-end technological products with the best quality, price and benefit ratio.


  • Growth

  • Leadership

  • Enthusiasm

  • Harmony

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity

  • Freedom



We represent brands with worldwide presence, leaders in the plastic chemical specialty industry and cable components manufacturing. All of this for one objective: To offer innovative products, services and quality exceeding our client’s expectations.


  • + Aurora Plastics Co. A dynamic, innovative company that provides the highest quality advanced polymers, customer-focused service and superior technical support. Known for their expertise in Advanced polymers, TPR, TPE TPO, SBS, SEBS, PVC/Acrylic alloys.

  • + Clariant Corporation: One of the world´s leading specialty chemical companies, their lubricants increase polymer melt flow and lower the mold release force to achieve improved mechanical properties with better and smooth surface properties.

  • + Delta Tecnic: Specialized in the production of color masterbatch for PVC, PE, EVA, PBT resins in different applications, particularly for the cable and canvas industry.

  • + Galata Chemicals: One of the leading producers of Tin based stabilizers and marketers of PVC additives and related industries in the world.

  • + Miracll Chemicals Co. Ltd. The biggest Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) and polyol specialty manufacturer in China with core competencies in the areas of new chemical materials research and development, and innovation.

  • + Movacolor: World leaders in development and production of gravimetric and volumetric blenders and dosing equipment in continuous lines for injection or extension molding.

  • + Nuova Sima: Producers of differet flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide for the plastics, rubbers and paints industries.

  • + Nyacol Nanotechnologies: Leading manufacturer and supplier of colloidal materials with expertise in fine particle chemistry and production technology. Some of the solutions offered to the industry are: inorganic fine particle materials sub 200 nanometer (nm), metal oxide material as water based colloidal sols, hydrocarbon-based colloidal dispersions among others.

  • + Reedy Chemical Foam: Advanced endothermic additive solutions for the plastics industry.

  • + Rike Chemical: Global leader producer of acrylic processing aids and impact modifiers for PVC, also CPE and CPVC resins and compounds.

In Aurum Chemicals, we also offer different industry solutions focused on increase effectiveness and efficiency in our clients, according to their different needs:

Performance Additives:

  • + Antioxidants.

  • + Black Masterbatch for Agriculture, Packaging, Construction and special semi-conductive applications.

  • + Estearic based lubricants.

  • + Exothermic and Microspheres Foaming Additives.

  • + Halogen and Antimony Trioxide based flame retardants.

  • + Mixed metal PVC heat stabilizers.

  • + Paraffin, Stearic, and Fischer Tropsch lubricants.

  • + Primary and Secondary Plasticizers.

  • + Silanes, Titanates and Zirconates copupling agents.

  • + UV Agents.

Cable Components:

  • + Kemaite: Global leader in the development and manufacturing of cable shielding products.

  • + Semi Conductive and Non-Conductive Water Blocking Tapes.

  • + Steel, Aluminum and special alloy tapes and combined wires.

  • + Swellable polyester tapes and water blocking fibers.

  • + Water blocking Jellies for Telephone and Optical Fiber Cables.